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Kinda Brave (Kinda Brave Publishing AB) started operating at the beginning of 2021and is the parent company of the group where many of the studios’ shared resources are kept, including the publishing team, HR, finance and its Sustainability Officer. This page was last updated on: October 19, 2022

Gender Distribution

Percentages below represent women and non-binary in relation to men. We've chosen to present our statistic in this way knowing other gender identities and expressions exist. As it stands, there's a general lack of knowledge surrounding the number of trans people in the job market and interpretations of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) makes gathering data on gender identities difficult as long as it is possible to associate it with an individual. Each percentage below represents individuals identifying as women or non-binary in relation to men.
Total Workforce (15)
Management (7)
Björn Rudolfsson (He/him)

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Gender distribution among gamers is fairly equal between women and men.¹ The distribution in the Swedish games industry is not, with only 21.4% being women in 2021.² Contrary to what the numbers suggest, we think everyone should have equal opportunities to reach positions of influence in the industry.

To make Kinda Brave a more attractive workplace for women, non-binary as well as any other gender or gender expression, we’ve taken steps to become LGBTQI Certified. This is aimed at increasing inclusivity and a sense of safety. We’ve also implemented an anonymous whistleblowing system and are collaborating with DONNA to inspire more women to pursue a career in games.

¹ Videogames in Europe: Consumer Study, European Summary Report November 2012, Ipsos Media CT
² Dataspelsbranschen spelutvecklarindex 2021, Nyckeltal

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Climate neutral publishing


Total emission

Every click, every cup of coffee, every line of code. Through power consumption, the resources required to manufacture our hardware… almost everything we do leaves an impact on the planet in the form of greenhouse gas emissions. This is commonly called a “carbon footprint”. We try to have as small a footprint as possible, by picking renewable energy and by being choosy with suppliers, but we’re nonetheless always responsible for the amount of greenhouse gas that we do contribute to releasing, directly or indirectly. This includes power consumed across the world by players playing our games, which makes up the majority of our group’s footprint.

To compensate, we do something called “offsetting”. This means that we calculate our total carbon footprint, measured in NNN, and then contribute a corresponding amount of funding to sustainable projects around the world with a positive impact.

The compensation system is not perfect. The ideal is to always reduce your impact as much as possible, instead of simply paying yourself free of your obligations. Relying too heavily on compensations could constitute a form of “greenwashing” – portraying yourself as more environmentally friendly than you really are.

As long as we rely heavily on compensation to achieve climate neutrality, there’s room for improvement. With time and advancement of technology, we hope steadily better ourselves.

In 2021, our group's total carbon footprint measured 90 tons, of which Kinda Brave Publishing stood for 4 ton, and we decided to offset 100 tons. For the publisher, 81% of its emissions came from purchased goods and services, equipping new colleagues with necessary hardware.

For calculations and more in-depth data, see our sustainability report for 2021 here.

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It’s Not a Competition, But…

Become the world’s first LGBTQI Certified games company


Training started

Kinda Brave is collaborating with RFSL to become the world’s first LGBTQI Certified games company. Why? Because gaming and the industry are for everyone. This way, please, to read all about it. Us being first is not the important part here, naturally, but we hope to inspire others by Making It a Thing.

To get certified, 80% of Kinda Brave’s employees must have gone through inclusivity training with RFSL. All current employees at Kinda Brave Publishing are, since February 2022, on a six-month journey to become certified. 

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In Accessibility We Trust

Undergo AbleGamers’ Accessible Player Experience Design Patterns (APX) Certification

When anyone picks up a game from Kinda Brave, we want them to know it’s playable. We’re out to become a trusted publisher among people with disabilities. That’s why we’re appointing Accessibility Champions to Kinda Brave Publishing.  Here, feast your eyes on how we’re approaching it!

In addition to undergoing AbleGamers’ APX Certification, each Accessibility Champion will commit to further training coordinated by the Producer and Head of Game Quality in the publishing team.

Kinda Brave Publishing is scheduled for certification in October 2022.

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