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RFSL’s goal is to become totally unnecessary. As one of the oldest of its kind in the world, the non-profit organization works with and for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people (LGBTQI). When society is characterised by the respect and acceptance of people’s differences, that goal is achieved. There hasn’t been a more self-evident cause since The Council of Elrond decided to hurl the One Ring into the depths of Mount Doom. Which is why Kinda Brave joins this ongoing Quest.

Our contribution

In early 2022, Kinda Brave took its first steps with RFSL in becoming the world’s first LGBTQI certified games company. All employees within our publishing division, including the management of all our studios – both current and future – will undergo a six-month certification process focusing on diversity and understanding. This includes training in topics such as human rights, norms and power, reception and work environment issues, laws and rights, discrimination and LGBTQI terminology.

Through the certification, Kinda Brave supports the important work of RFSL in exchange for levelling up our organization with XP points in Wisdom. This experience will contribute to a safer, more inclusive work environment that everyone in our group will benefit from – regardless of identity or background. And until RFSL’s goal to become redundant has been realized, we’ll simply keep working towards a games industry for everyone.

“In the early 90’s, the games industry was perceived as male dominated and only targeted towards that audience, with games such as Mortal Kombat and DOOM dominating the scene. Back then, there were doubts about the interest from a female audience. However, the success of the game Barbie Fashion Designer in 1996 was a breakthrough. It was one of the first titles showcasing that a diverse perspective could create a successful and profitable business. But also, more importantly, it was able to include a new target market and audience – which otherwise would have been left out from the hobby.
With that said, RFSL Utbildning AB is extremely proud and excited to have Kinda Brave as one of our partners in creating a more inclusive society. Through the LGBTQI+ certification, Kinda Brave is one of the pioneers in the Swedish games industry, taking further steps within diversity and inclusion. Sex and gender diversity are not the only areas embedded in our certification. There’s also intersectionality such as ethnic origin, social orientation, age and disability. We are confident that through this collaboration, we can create both a more profitable business and an inclusive games industry and society.”

Karl Yves Vallin

Managing Director RFSL Utbildning AB

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