Closing the gap

Only about 22% of games industry professionals in Sweden are women.¹ The number of gamers? That’s at 43%, on average, in Europe.² DONNA is an initiative at the University of Skövde aiming to close this gap. Jenny Brusk, founder, says, “It’s obvious that unless we manage to recruit more female students to our courses, game companies will have a more difficult time recruiting women. ”Every year in relation to Sweden Game Conference, DONNA DAY is hosted – an event where students and the games industry can say “Greetings, stranger!” (or something slightly less awkward) and get to know each other.

Our contribution

There’s a ton of projects furthering the cause of women and non-binary in the games industry. In 2022, we joined forces with DONNA in particular, an initiative close to our roots in Sweden. As Gold Sponsors of DONNA Day 2022, we helped more applicants to join the event regardless of financial situation, covering travel, lodging, food,
as well as free access to Sweden Game Conference. Simply put: we invested in the future. We were also there to contribute as mentors and speakers to inspire a diverse crowd to pursue careers in games. Because, you guessed it, we need you.

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² Videogames in Europe: Consumer Study, European Summary Report November 2012, Ipsos Media CT

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