People, Players and Planet

Sustainability is a big and serious topic. It can get overwhelming. Like too much whipped cream on a birthday cake. Or an extended visit from your parents-in-law. You know that the subject matter is, in essence, good. But it should sometimes be enjoyed in smaller bits to be fully appreciated. So, here’s a tasty one for you: what’s in it for gamers, this notion of sustainability?

We’re going to go out on a limb and just say it. Sustainability makes for better games. Yup, better as in more innovative gameplay. Greater stories. Fuller immersion. And all the other things players want.

There’s a lot we can do to make gaming more sustainable in an environmental sense. But our point is also that sustainability applies to how we treat people. The people who influence the game experience directly.

Studios and publishers ought to be fair today if they hope to keep great talent tomorrow. If the company culture fails the talent, the talent will simply look elsewhere. They’ll seek for a place where designers, programmers, artists, engineers, narrative folk, marketers – or whatever they are – are empowered to pour their best work into releasing better, more successful games.

That’s why we, a bunch of indie game development studios banded together under a publisher called Kinda Brave, let sustainability guide us from day one.

But let’s talk about Georg for a moment. He’s a great guy, got some hilarious anecdotes about potatoes, and is our first hire. He’s our Sustainability Officer. He puts processes in place for us to be able to run our business sustainably. He’s also a lawyer who writes our Sustainability Report. Like the topic itself, it is, again, a big and serious read. We don’t want to use the word boring. But yeah.

Sustainable Gaming is our attempt at making these issues entertaining to learn about for people like us – gamers and developers. This is where we’ll talk about our ventures and learnings. Wins and shortcomings. About how we’re trying to run game development and publishing in a way that gives back to People, Players and Planet. Served in tasty, bit-sized content.

Our launch in April 2022 is the first step. Do you want to collaborate? Or do you have other ideas on what we should cover? Smash that Contact button and let’s talk.

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